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Avira  Antivirus is the free version for personal use. Like many antivirus offers resident protection , making it possible to detect viruses every time a file is opened or closed or a manual scan can be performed . Virus definitions are updated automatically via the Internet on a daily basis. Since version 9, in addition to viruses, it also detects adware and spyware ; moreover, from 28 April 2009 it is also available in Italian

Avira Operations is a German security giant which provides mobile and desktop antivirus products for every level of home and business user.

Avira Free Antivirus, the company’s baseline product, includes Avira’s core antivirus engine to detect and block malware in real time. The package uses multiple techniques to catch brand-new threats, including uploading unknown files for analysis in the cloud before they’re executed.


Avira AntiVirus Features:

An effective antivirus protection against viruses, worms and Trojans AntiDialer protection against expensive dialers

The Avira Antivir will meticulously and rapidly scan your computer of any malicious programs. It will also actively monitor every action that a user execute and promptly reacts when a malicious program is detected. It uses an innovative approach and search technologies to detect malwares.

AntiRootkit protection against hidden rootkits

A rootkit is software installed by an attacker to obtain root-level access to a computer and mask the ongoing intrusion by hiding its presence from administrators and circumventing normal authentication and authorization procedures. A rootkit is hard to detect and can remain undetected by an antivirus software. However, with the use of Avira Antivir you would be able to scan, detect and remove any rootkit that is hidden on your computer with the advance rootkit detection technology.

AntiPhishing protection against phishing

Phishing is one of the “fishy” ways that hackers would attempt to get confidential information from you such as your usernames, passwords and credit card details by masquerading as a trustworthy source in any forms of electronic communication. Usually, the hackers will use popular and trustworthy sites (by faking their websites) to entice users to divulge their personal information. With the antiphishing protection of Avira Antivir, you won’t have to worry about being scammed by notorious hackers or attackers who would take advantage of your personal information to accomplish fraudulent activities.

AntiSpyware protection against spyware and adware NetbookSupport for laptops with low resolution

Spyware is a common type of malware that would collect various information on your computer without your knowledge. Spywares are typically hidden and difficult to detect. Aside from collecting pieces of information, the presence of spyware will also interfere with user control of the computer such as installing additional software, altering computer settings and redirecting browser activity that usually results to slow connection speeds, loss of internet connection and functionality as well as corruption of files. Spyware usually attacks your computer by delivering unsolicited pop-up advertisements, monitoring of web browsing activities and routing of HTTP to advertising sites. Hence, having Avira Antivir installed on your computer would protect you from the malicious and harmful effects of spywares and adwares.

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