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JDSU 16.3

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Windows 10 / Windows 7

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The Agilent Technologies E6474A Network Optimization Platform is a scalable, integrated,
air interface measurement system. This system is used to support integration and
maintenance of networks, obtain comprehensive call performance and quantify the enduser’s
experience for both voice and data.
Depending on the selected hardware options, the E6474A system can make UMTS
receiver and phone based measurements in the 1.9 GHz and 2.1 GHz bands of UMTS
3GPP networks. Measurements from a number of engineering UMTS mobiles are
supported, including the Qualcomm TM6200, TM6250, TM6275, Motorola A835, Nokia
6630, 6650, 6680 and Nokia 7600 models.
A laptop PC interfaces with the measurement phones and receivers for simultaneous data
and trace measurements. System software controls the devices to make and record userselected
UMTS measurements including HSDPA and protocol messaging. A GPS receiver,
which can be integrated within the Agilent measurement receiver, may be used to obtain
positioning information that is stored with the measurement results. The system can also
be configured for use with a pen-tablet computer for indoor measurements without a GPS.
Logged data can be exported to mapping or post processing software for analysis.


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