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Microsoft Office 2016

Microsoft Office 2016 is the new version of the Microsoft Office suite

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Windows 10 / Windows 7

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Microsoft Office 2016 Review

Microsoft Office 2016 is the new version of the Microsoft Office suite. It enhances and unifies visual changes from the 2013 version, adding new online features through Office 365, and also adds new features requested by the users and a general performance improvement for the whole package.

This desktop edition includes Access (database manager), Excel (spreadsheets), Word (text editor), OneNote (note-taking tool), Outlook (email client), PowerPoint (presentations), and Publisher (page layout and design for publishing). It also includes an online documents manager that can sync with the cloud, as a big focus in this new version is the use of online services through your OneDrive account. In fact, to use many of the tools in the suite, you’ll need to log in using your Microsoft account.

The interface has been enhanced, and is now smooth and easy to use. Though it’s still a preliminary version, the performance and document-opening speed from a cold start are better than in previous versions, which deserves a round of applause considering that many features require Internet connectivity. (Many of the available templates, for instance, first have to be downloaded from Microsoft servers.)

User interaction is very present, so you can work on a document together with a group of users, even if they don’t have the Office package installed, since they can access it through the OneDrive browser. You can also automatically publish content on your blog or share it to your social networks after you generate it on Office, just to mention some of the many new features

Microsoft Office 2016 Features:

Each of the following tables describes features that are changed or removed in the applications in Office 2016 for Windows.

There are tables for the following applications: Access, Excel, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher, and Word. The Office suite table lists features that are changed or removed from several or all apps.

Charts in Excel

Do yourself a favor and take a look at all the new charts available in Excel. These help save a lot of time when you’re trying to visually display data and make decisions.

Design Ideas in PowerPoint

This feature allows you to add up to four images on a title or content page layout in PowerPoint, and then request design ideas. At first, I didn’t like this feature much as I’m a bit of a control freak. (Personally, I want to create my own stuff.) However, when you realize just how much time this saves and how neat these different designs are, then you’ll absolutely love this feature.

Outlook integration with OneNote

In OneNote, you can now add meeting details, which is great if you’re taking the official note taker for a meeting. You can also directly email the page notes to someone.

Additional Ribbon Buttons

Now you can archive items in Outlook with a single click by using the Archive button. Plus, browsing or adding new groups is simple with the addition of those two group buttons. If you do not see the new buttons, you will have to add them to your ribbon.To do this quickly, just right-click on the ribbon and select Customize the Ribbon. Then search for the commands on the left and add them to the right.

Publish to

Some features added to Office 2016 are available across multiple applications. One such feature is the ability to publish documents to Select File > Publish and you will see the options including document title and visibility choices.


This handy tool is perfect for term papers or business research. Select Researcher from your toolbar and then enter your search term in the sidebar. Once the results display and you choose those that you want, you can add headings to start your outline and cite the sources directly from the Researcher tool.

Zoom for PowerPoint

This handy new PowerPoint feature lets you move to different slides and sections of your presentation quickly. There are three types of Zooms that you can use:

  • Summary Zoom puts the pieces you select onto one slide allowing you to jump between them.
  • Slide Zoom lets you navigate slides in any order that you choose.
  • Section Zoom allows you to pop back to previous sections easily.


Spend a couple of minutes occasionally to scroll through your menus in Office and see what’s new. Not sure what it is? Search the web or give it a shot!

After all, experimentation is the one of the best way to learn. Once you’ve learned something, show someone else. This not only helps to spread the knowledge (and Microsoft Office love), but you’ll also remember what you’ve learned.


Microsoft Office 2016 includes:


  • Microsoft Word 2016, Microsoft Excel 2016, Microsoft PowerPoint 2016, Microsoft OneNote 2016, Microsoft Outlook 2016, Microsoft Publisher 2016, and Microsoft Access 2016.
  • Capture your ideas however you work best, using keyboard, pen, or touchscreen.
  • Be a power Office user—the easy way. Type what you want help with in the new Tell Me box on the ribbon and it will tell you how to do it.
  • New themes let you choose the Office experience that’s right for you. Dark and Dark Gray themes provide high contrast that’s easier on the eyes, and the Colorful theme gives you a modern look that’s consistent across your devices.
  • Enhance your reading experience with Insights, powered by Bing, which shows you relevant information from the web when you’re reading an Office file.
  • Let one of the templates from the Start screen do most of the setup and design, so you can focus on your ideas and data
  • Keep track of comments in Word documents and mark them as done with the new reply button.
  • Pull content from PDFs straight into Word. Open PDFs and edit paragraphs, lists, and tables just as you do in familiar Word documents.
  • Save time formatting information in Excel so you can draw insights from your data faster. New tools recognize your pattern and auto-complete data.
  • New modern charts and graphs in Excel give you more ways to explore and tell compelling stories with your business data. Excel recommends charts best suited for your data, and gives you a preview how your data will look.
  • In Excel, you can now create basic forecasts on your data series with one click to visualize future trends.
  • Share your PowerPoint presentation over the web by sending a link to it or using the free Office Presentation Service to deliver it, so your audience can join you from anywhere.
  • Embed Excel spreadsheets, diagrams, audio clips, videos, and almost any other kind of file in yourOneNote notebooks. Your notes are saved, searchable, and synced to OneNote apps on your other devices, so you can use or share them from anywhere.
  • Respond faster with inline replies—replies positioned right within the body of the original message—in Outlook. Just type your response in the Reading Pane.
  • Save time with the online photo printing options in Publisher.
  • List and summarize data from a related table or query fast in Access. Simply click an item to open a detailed view of that item.
  • Best for home businesses and very small businesses
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