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Windows 10 / Windows 7

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There are plenty of programs out there dedicated to productivity, but so many of them just repackage existing tools. Slack however is not just a useful tool for organising your business day, but also provides new features you didn’t know you needed. This free app, which is available on desktop and mobile in the major formats, is of very high quality and will make you wonder how you managed without it.

Picking up the Slack

The tagline for this app is ‘be less busy’, which really does happen if you use it properly. Sure, you may lose some time while you get the whole team to learn the app and figure out the best way to use it, but overall it will save time and make everyone more productive. Put simply, this is a messaging app, but it’s tailored to conquer the terrible communication problems suffered by most modern offices. The system revolves around channels, which are marked with hash tags. Each channel is given a title, such as #Marketing or #Accounts. When you want to send a message to the Marketing team, you just click on the appropriate channel. When you want to contact a specific person or have a sensitive message, you can direct message or DM that user. This service is comparable to Skype or Messenger, but there are more features too. You can easily transfer files, for example, just by dropping them in. This also integrates with any existing file sharing like Dropbox.


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