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Tems Pocket 20.0

TEMS Pocket is a phone-based Driver Test tool

Software details

Windows 10 / Windows 7

Software description

TEMS Pocket 20.0 is a phone-based test tool developed for measuring the performance and quality parameters of wireless networks. The tool collects measurement and event data for immediate monitoring or for processing by TEMS Discovery or other tools at a later time.

Uniquely, it now includes enhanced indoor positioning capabilities, which dramatically simplify data collection. It resolves location positioning from the TEMS Pocket device, which replaces legacy pinpointing techniques. It offers greater accuracy and enables teams to simply get started and go, removing the dependency on external signaling.

Introducing Indoor Positioning Solution

TEMS Pocket 20.0 now comes with a unique indoor positioning feature that makes data collection even easier. With this feature, location resolution is handled directly by the TEMS Pocket device and replaces legacy pinpointing techniques. It means that users can simply set up the device and go, focusing on monitoring test progress instead of tracking waypoints on the screen.

Unlike other solutions that depend on external signaling to determine location, the indoor positioning feature means that TEMS Pocket is fully self-contained. It considerably improves efficiency, by 50% or more depending on the complexity of the floorplan, as well as accuracy, delivering more powerful results. It can even be used to position multiple devices, simply by switching to “controller / agent” mode.

New Features of 20.0

  • Indoor Positioning Solution
    • Collect network level measurements in a more efficient and cost effective manner
    • Accurate location positioning
    • Fewer user errors and better focus on collecting network level measurements
    • Minimal pinpointing
    • Easy setup
    • Quick to test
  • Carrier aggregation
    • Carrier aggregation supported on selected phones
    • Add serving cell parameters for the secondary carrier to visualize signal strength, quality and frame timing
  • Collect data to tune network design
    • Data-collection for planning and design phases
    • RF data reported to planning solutions for fine-tuning designs
    • Supports data exchange with iBwave’s Mobile Planner
  • VoLTE testing
    • Supports VoLTE testing on selected customer devices
    • Future releases will extend VoLTE device support
  • LTE EARFCN and PCI lock
    • Control function that locks device to one Physical Layer Cell Identity on one LTE EARFCN
    • Vital for efficient and accurate deployment and optimization of LTE networks
    • WCDMA UARFCN lock and disable handover control functions
      • Lock the device to a specific WCDMA UARFCN
      • Alternatively, disable all kinds of handover in a WCDMA network
    • Service statistics view
      • Highlights the outcome of executed service sessions, such as attempts, successes, failures, and (where applicable) a performance indicator, such as mean throughput
      • Reveals RAT usage, and the history of cell usage for each supported cellular technology
    • Synchronization of TEMS devices to FTP Server
    • Cell file data used as guidance with locking functions
    • Data Mode indication
    • WCDMA Fast Dormancy Control
    • User-customizable data views
    • Mobile-to-mobile POLQA

      • Technologies supported of Tems pocket 20.0

        • GSM/GPRS
        • EDGE
        • WCDMA
        • HSPA
        • CDMA
        • EV-DO
        • WiFi
        • LTE


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