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Vysor allows you to use the Android operating system from your Smartphone onto your Windows operating system. Vysor may be used with Chrome or with the Windows operating system. When Vysor is active, you may use the Android operating system to control your Android mobile device, to play the games from your Android device, or use the apps that are currently installed on your Android device. You may use this app as a convenient way of interacting with your Smartphone or tablet, and it also works as a replacement for your current Android emulator, which is good for developers.

Vysor is a Chrome app that makes it possible for Android phone owners to access and control their handsets remotely, from the comfort of their personal computer. To be more specific, this lightweight tool displays the screen of the Android device on the desktop, allowing you to control everything using the mouse and the keyboard. It’s like these computer peripherals are connected to the phone as well.

Worry-free connection to the Android phone

Please note that Google Chrome is required for the application to run. In fact, Vysor is launched from the Chrome App Launcher.

Its main interface is simple, displaying a list of detected devices that are connected to the PC (via a USB cable, Wi-Fi connection is not supported). You will discover another mandatory requirement for Windows, namely the ADB drivers. A link to download them is available in the main window.

Once the handset is selected, Vysor takes care of deploying the Android counterpart of the application, so as to establish a new connection. Everything is ready to go in an instant.


Vysor Features:

  • It does not require any root access.
  • It works on GNU/Linux, Windows and Mac OS.
  • No app installation required on device.
  • High resolution mirror of your phone.
  • You can take complete control you device, simply drag drop apps to install them, type using your computer keyboard and much more.




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