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Windows 10 Enterprise Edition 64 Bit

Windows 10 Enterprise Edition 64 Bit

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Windows 10

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Windows 10 Enterprise Edition 64 Bit  the first retail version of Microsoft Windows 10 Pro. Download Windows 10 Pro – The Original & Official ISO File. The single-click direct download provided by fileyogi. Windows 7 & 8 users can free upgrade to Windows 10 full version without going to the Windows Store.

Windows 10 Enterprise Edition 64 Bit free download full version for both 32 bit and 64 bit. You can Download Original Windows 10 Pro ISO  from their Official Microsoft Link with the Windows 8 product key.

Windows 10 Enterprise Edition 64 Bit File is the most recent version of the operating system from Microsoft. Officially it was released in 2015 and was initially offered free of charge to legitimate users of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. Windows 10 key feature This new version combines features from those two previous installments to suit the users in a better way for both desktop/laptop computers as well as mobile devices.

The most notable change in Windows 10 (Pro+Enterprise) is that Microsoft replaced the Start screen tiles from Windows 8, and brought back the Start Menu. They also removed the vertical toolbars (or “charms”) that appeared from the sides of the screen. These changes make this Windows version easier to use for users of both desktop/laptops and mobile devices. You can download windows 10 Enterprise enterprise edition 32 bit here Windows 10 32 bit 

Windows 10 includes several new features and important changes, in addition to its platform unifying design. Many new features are designed to improve the desktop experience and draw in business users who were turned off by Windows 8’s tile-based UI and the initial removal of the Start menu. New features include:


Windows 10 Enterprise Edition 64 Bit features:

Start menu: Windows 10’s new Start menu combines the Windows 7-like application list and the live tiles interface from Windows 8’s Start screen. Windows-8 style “modern” apps (now called “universal apps”) can run within a window on the desktop, like standard desktop programs.

  • Action Center: The Charms menu has been replaced with the Action Center, a sidebar that provides notifications and contains buttons for common tasks.
  • Tablet mode: A new tablet mode is designed to make Windows 10 easier to operate without a keyboard or mouse.
  • Improved security: Microsoft has announced several new security features for Windows 10, including Windows Hello—an integrated biometric authentication system.
  • Microsoft Edge: Formerly codenamed Project Spartan, Edge will be the default web browser in Windows 10. With the release of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, the Edge browser now supports extensions, greatly increasing the flexibility of the browser. Internet Explorer 11 will also be included with the OS, but will be basically unchanged from the version of IE11 found in Windows 7 and 8.1.
  • Cortana integration: Cortana, Microsoft’s voice-powered personal assistant, makes its desktop debut in Windows 10 and can be configured to take over the Search box.
  • Xbox Live integration: Although not critical for many business users, Xbox Live is built into Windows 10. Users can stream games from an Xbox One to a desktop, laptop, or tablet over Wi-Fi, play multiplayer games with people on different platforms, and more.
  • Enhanced graphics: Windows 10 will include new versions of DirectX and WDDM to improve game performance.
  • Above the login screen: The Windows 10 Anniversary Update allows users to access several applications, including Cortana and the Calendar app, without having to log in first.
  • 3D Paint app: The Windows 10 Creators Update added a new 3D Paint app, which allows users to more easily create and share 3D scenes and models.

Windows 10 Enterprise Edition 64 Bit  feature:

Here below are the main features of Windows 10 (Pro + Enterprise).

  • Iconic Start Menu
  • Windows 10 browser: Microsoft Edge
  • Windows 10 Store and Universal Apps
  • Windows 10 Hello and security
  • Continuum Mode
  • Enhanced Search
  • Desktop Optimizations
  • Multitasking
  • Enhanced Snap View
  • Multiple Desktops
  • Microsoft Passport
  • Multimedia and gaming
  • Windows 10 Cortana
  • Windows 10 office
  • Windows 10 defender (anti-virus)


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